Friday, April 24

Familial Peace

Dearest Noel, Shay, Annette, & Paco:

I surrender. I have made the purchase. And it wasn't even painful. I am now the proud owner of the basic black reef flops. How does this apply to the 4 of you? Come on think now...At family gatherings there will be much more flowing of happy feelings. I no longer will "borrow" Shay's black reefs. I no longer will "steal" Noel's black reefs. I no longer will "confuse" Annette's black reefs for Shay's black reefs. And I definitely no longer will wear Paco's size 11 brown reefs.

Family gatherings here we come!


Annette said...

Welcome - welcome to the love of Reef! Happy, happy feet for all!!

Molly Bea said...

You are all so funny...I am a 'rainbows' girl and will forever be. I guess that will help with the confusion :)